Saturday, July 18, 2020

Ritzy's puppies to Santee -8 weeks old. Bye puppies!

6th of July 2020
We are 8 weeks old today and it was a very, very, VERY busy and unusual day.
Looks like we will have visitors?
Yes, two people we had never met before came to see us!
And when they left, they took red with them! Red is now called River. Her pedigree name is Goldmali Paradox.
Our dad Santee came to see us, but he wasn't really that interested.
Both daddy and mummy are with us here.

Food! We can smell food! Why is it in a bag?
Bye red !
Where did she go?

Just the 3 of us now.

Then mummy Ritzy and yellow went back inside, but the humans put
Black and Blue in a cage inside the car.
We also had Fen and Lottie in the car.
We drove and we drove for a long, long time and after a while we got really tired.
Then suddenly we stopped, and everyone except Blue got out of the car.
Black left! He is now called Castiel, and his pedigree name is Goldmali Phoenix.

We travelled for a little while longer, and then we stopped again.
This time all of us got out. That was nice because we got to run
around and play and we were given food and there were toys and Fen punctured a football.
And there was a human there that we already knew! Blue was very happy
to see him. Later Fen and Lottie and their humans got back in the car,
but Blue stayed. Blue is now called Jackson, and his pedigree name is
Goldmali Power.

Hopefully River, Castiel and Jackson will all become assistance dogs.

12th of July 2020
Only Yellow is still here -for now. She has the longest journey to make.

Yellow is called Chaos, pedigree name Goldmali Perfectly Chaotic.
On the 15th of July she made a very long journey over to Northern Ireland.

And that's it, the P litter puppies are all in their new homes.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Ritzy's puppies to Santee -7 weeks old

29th of June 2020
We are 7 weeks old!

The humans did some weird stuff today. They stuck a horrid needle in us and
said something about a microchip. They weighed us. And then they put us on a table hundreds and hundreds of feet (or paws) up in the air, and expected us to look nice and pose for photographs.
Black was first. Not too bad!

Looking a bit worried here though.

Next it was red's turn. I'm not going to look at the camera!

You can't fool me, I might be facing the right way but I've switched my ears into aeroplane mode.

Bit annoyed!

This is SO much better -the floor!

Next was yellow. Ha, look how I can fold my ears to look silly!

Ears not too bad but I'm not facing you!

I've had enough of this now.

Pffffttt! Surely you know that there's always at least one Malinois
who will refuse to put their ears up in photos, no matter how much silly noise you make??

Blue said he can turn his ears into all sorts of silly shapes.

Here I'm attempting the devil's horn look.

Let's try the other ear

This is the best you'll get!

Back on the floor!

4th of July
Timmy and Lola came to see us one last time
Two of us lost our collars. They'll go back on later. Blue and red are the ones without.

We got Timmy's toy!