Monday, June 29, 2020

Ritzy's puppies to Santee -7 weeks old

29th of June 2020
We are 7 weeks old!

The humans did some weird stuff today. They stuck a horrid needle in us and
said something about a microchip. They weighed us. And then they put us on a table hundreds and hundreds of feet (or paws) up in the air, and expected us to look nice and pose for photographs.
Black was first. Not too bad!

Looking a bit worried here though.

Next it was red's turn. I'm not going to look at the camera!

You can't fool me, I might be facing the right way but I've switched my ears into aeroplane mode.

Bit annoyed!

This is SO much better -the floor!

Next was yellow. Ha, look how I can fold my ears to look silly!

Ears not too bad but I'm not facing you!

I've had enough of this now.

Pffffttt! Surely you know that there's always at least one Malinois
who will refuse to put their ears up in photos, no matter how much silly noise you make??

Blue said he can turn his ears into all sorts of silly shapes.

Here I'm attempting the devil's horn look.

Let's try the other ear

This is the best you'll get!

Back on the floor!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Ritzy's puppies to Santee -6 weeks old

It's the 22nd of June 2020 and we are 6 weeks old.
We had to have more of that pink yucky worming stuff.
But mainly we have fun!

You're on the wrong side of the gate!

Blue decided to chew Ritzy's nails

Ouch ouch ouch, let go of my foot!!
Handsome Black
Here we are with one of the cats, Vesper

But Skyfall decided to leave the room. That's her jumping the gate.

Any milk left mum?
No said Ritzy, I'm not feeding you, you're too old now.

Looking for something to do. Bit boring today.

23rd of June and Blue's new dad came to meet us all
Here I am trying out new dad's car
My name is going to be Jackson. I think that means "Come over here and you will get fed ham".

25th of June
Oh what fun!!! And so hot. So many people! So many things!
So much water!
See how fast we can run now, we will soon catch Lottie!
Two paddling pools!
Yellow making a funny face
Black having fun
Red watching what's going on
Blue checking the big pool out
Black carrying grass
Come on Yellow! says Timmy
Running running

Yellow appreciates the shade
Looking for sticks with Lottie
Blue and Yellow playing with the squeaky rabbit

Lola learning how much the puppies have grown!

Look into my eyes
First she was cuddling me, then she dropped me.
Luckily the human puppy's mother caught me.

"Don't get your clothes wet!" said the humans to the puppy humans

Great place to play
I got Timmy's Doggy!
Hmm those clothes are getting wet!
Lots of water being splashed around and everyone got wet but nobody minded.
Lottie feeling hot

Oh look, we found a bottle!
Yellow looking beautiful
Let's grab Lottie's ears
I found a stick
Fun fun fun
Empty boxes to investigate and tear apart.
They smell interesting but there's nothing inside them.
Jackson solved the mystery of where the nice smelling stuff in the boxes went.
He managed to get a lick but Lola knew what to do!